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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Movies that make me question my sanity #1

I am not a fan of movies that make me question my own sanity! I do that enough as it is... movies like this make me think that perhaps I am much worse of than I am aware!

#1 Beautiful Mind

While brilliant beautiful and moving, this movie hits too close to home. While I have never suffered from schizophrenia, seeing someone who is completely committed to one way of thinking and, as an audience, knowing that he is seeing it the 'wrong' way is frightening as hell.

After watching this movie I decided my worst fear was to have a mental illness...ironically, it was only a short time later I was diagnosed with depression for the first time!

So yes, it may be a good movie, but I give it a thumbs down for making me question my own sanity!

[side note: look how this poster really 'others' him... hmmm possible future post idea...]

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