Considering how prevalent mental illness is, why do so few bloggers talk about it?

The aim of this blog is to write about my experience with mental illness, developments in my life as well as issues in the field of mental health all the while keeping a feminist framework.

I hope you can take something from this blog, whatever that may be.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mood Disorders Society of Canada

It's official! I will be blogging for the Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC) for Blogathon 2009. They are a great organization so you should definitely check out their website: mooddisorderscanada.ca
And, of course, I ask you to consider sponsoring my efforts to raise money for MDSC. You can contact me or go to blogathon.org and look up my blog so you can donate directly to the org. You can donate a lump sum or a per hour, per blog post etc amount (for example $2.00 per hour i complete etc)

I cannot wait to start blogging on Saturday. 24 hours of blogging to be exact! I just hope to be successful, i have been sick for a little while (super headaches and sore throat that my doctor diagnosed as 'mono-esk'... yeah i would take 'diagnose' with a grain of salt there). if you are a blogger and are participating with Blogathon or tend to blog at night, or live on the other side of the world from Canada!, let me know and we can chat online that day.

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