Considering how prevalent mental illness is, why do so few bloggers talk about it?

The aim of this blog is to write about my experience with mental illness, developments in my life as well as issues in the field of mental health all the while keeping a feminist framework.

I hope you can take something from this blog, whatever that may be.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

half way!

Well we are over half way there! Cant believe how fast the day goes when you think in 30 minute intervals! I hope I can keep 'er going.
I am worried that my headaches and general drowsiness (from my mono-esk illness) wont keep me down. I am glad I have my up late partner with me. (he is still playing final fantasy.. hes been doing it since I started blogging! If only there was a gamer-athon... but does it count if it is something you would do anyway?)
I decided to do Blogathon as a way to really get my blog going... having just created it I was worried it would be only a manic-y impulse that I would later disregard... I hope this investment will keep it closer to my heart!
I also thought it was a great chance to meet people and see some new blogs. All of that ontop of raising money for a good cause.

If you havent already, please check out my organization: the mood disorders society of canada and sponsor me!

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