Considering how prevalent mental illness is, why do so few bloggers talk about it?

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

drugs.. the 'good' kind

As mentioned, this is my longest episode of depression to date. 13 months far exceeds my other stints (6-8 months on average). This is also the first time I have even done the psychotherapy + drugs route. currently I am still on the drugs and they are still being adjusted but I have stopped going to therapy. It was good that I had it to get me through the worst of it (It is very good that I had someone professional at that time) but i have in a sense given up on it for now. Ive been to a lot of therapy and it has helped me to communicate and be aware of myself much better but I think ive reached its maximum benefits.
Currently I am on two kinds of anti-depressants, an anti-convulsant (used to treat bipolar though in this case hypomania) and an antipsychotic (in this case for mood and hypomania). I have decided to switch the antipsychotic becuase it is like I have taken a heavy sleeping pill when I have one of those.
My drugs are always fluxuating, and while im glad to have a psychiatrist who specializes in this, at the same time I am like "can you make up your mind already and give me somethng that works?"
I have a lot more familiarity with the self medication that is fast acting! but more on that later

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