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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Are you normal?

So... we are all supposed to be "normal". Us crazies are supposed to be striving for "normal".
Well one thing they never taught me in the doctor's/psychiatrist/psychologist office was what the hell 'normal' is!
I know I always put scare quotes on the word "normal".. even when I speak it. And I know that many doctors in the field know that its nothing more than an arbitrary category that really doesn't mean much. But its such a common sense term and therefore holds A LOT of power.
From that I ask, "can anyone be 'normal'?"
I would say No.
"Normal" is an ideal. As an ideal it is, by nature, unattainable. It is based on an abstract concept, there is no concrete example of "normal" to compare oneself to. In this way, "normal" is constantly changing and so can never be reached.
think about beauty. the ideal for beauty is always changing. What size one's body should be, what shape, what colour of the skin, what strength, what...... etc. and this is only within one society! Go cross culturally and it will change... hypothetically, if a person in Canada sees them self and is seen by others as the "ideal woman"... if she were to go to Italy, this may no longer hold.
So as a completely artificial concept, HOW does it hold such power over us?

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  1. Happily and blissfully not normal. Great post!