Considering how prevalent mental illness is, why do so few bloggers talk about it?

The aim of this blog is to write about my experience with mental illness, developments in my life as well as issues in the field of mental health all the while keeping a feminist framework.

I hope you can take something from this blog, whatever that may be.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Good mental illness themed movies #1

This will be a recurring post today paired with Bad mental illness themed movies.

#1. House of Fools

From Russia, this subtitled film takes place in a mental institute during the Chechen War. Caught between the opposing forces the hospital residents find themselves alone without staff.
A great movie that really gets you thinking... who are the people who are 'ill' in the world? Are those with the label, 'mentally ill' really crazier than the rest of society?

I found this movie when I was researching for a paper I wrote for my Sociology of Mental Illness class. There was a great site with a long list of movies with mental illness as a theme. I cant seem to find it, but when I do ill post the address.

ps. Another great part of this movie...a great cameo by (Canadian) Bryan Adams. Very random.. but great


  1. That sounds really interesting! I'll have to see if I can get hold of this one.

  2. It was pretty tough to find! I live in a big city in Canada and only one rental place carried it! Hopefully you can find it though!